Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work known as a ’hands on healing’ technique. The word Reiki means universal life energy. It is done with the placement of hands in one of 12 positions on the client’s body to direct healing energy to those sites. The client takes in what energy is needed.

The Universal Life Energy of reiki flows through my body and into a recipient, no matter if that client is present with me or miles away. The energy sees no distance or time, so please consider reiki for past as well as present and future issues.

Studies have shown that Reiki decreases stress, provides increased clarity with life’s issues, and overall relaxation.

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candles have been traditionally used by Shaman healers, using only natural ingredients. Knowledge of the latest scientific discoveries and traditions have been passed down from the Hopi people, the oldest Pueblo tribe of the Americas, using their knowledge of healing and deep spirituality.

Bio Sun Hopi ear candles serve as a relaxant and a cleanser of toxins and energy fields within the body. I use two ear candles. The feeling is of a warm smoke blowing into your ear.  The results are immediate and long lasting.

Session Charges:

Reiki £40.00 One hour

Ear Candling £25.00 50 Minutes