Reiki is a Japanese form of ‘energy work’ known as a ’hands on healing’ technique. The word Reiki means universal life energy. It is done with the placement of hands using one or all 12 positions on the client’s body to direct healing energy to those sites. The client takes in what energy is needed.

The Universal Life Energy of reiki flows through my body and into a recipient, no matter if that client is present with me or miles away. The energy sees no distance or time, so please consider reiki for past as well as present and future issues.

It can be done remotely as well.

Reiki is very effective as it calms the person and allows the client to relax and heal.

Studies have shown that Reiki decreases stress, provides increased clarity with life’s issues, decreases the effects of pain, and overall relaxation.

My masters thesis was a qualitative study on “What is the lived experience of a person receiving reiki?” The study was small but had themes of clarity, peace, no pain, deep sense of calmness, feeling very relaxed.

The client is fully clothed during the session.

Session Charges:

Reiki Initial consultation £50 (usually lasts 1.5 hours) then  £40.00 for follow up one hour session

My recommendation is if you find that reiki helps You…to book it monthly. It is up to You to decide.

“The session I had with Eileen was absolutely incredible. I felt like I relaxed on a very, very deep level and that goodness and healing were flowing into and flooding my body. I am someone who normally takes a while to get to sleep and I often listen to a radio play to help distract me from my thoughts so I can drift off. The night after my reiki session, I went to bed early, because I was feeling so sleepy and I don’t remember my head hitting the pillow. I woke feeling like I’d been in an incredibly deep slumber and whilst it took me a while to climb back to being awake, I felt very deeply refreshed to. It was amazing!!”

– Jo K.